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Ceramic crown or dental bridges

What is the dental bridge?

Thanks to the improved dental solutions that assist in making our dental health more better by removing all kinds of oral problems. Ceramic crown and dental bridges are one of those dental solutions. Dedicated to taking care of your smile, our expert prosthodontists are engaged in delivering solutions to your dental problems. Don’t worry if you have lost your teeth or there is a gap between your teeth due to the tooth decay or any kind of reason. We have the solution for this. Get assistance from our dentists at Care Dental Hospital.​

A dental bridge is a kind of dental treatment in which the dentists bridges the gap between the teeth that is created in case you lost your teeth. The bridge consists of two or more pontics which is a kind of artificial teeth. These pontics are held in place by two dental crowns. prosthodontists secure the crown by anchoring the pontics on either side of the gap to fill the space.

Dental Implants can also be used to attach the bridges. Under this, the dentists use the titanium-made biocompatible posts for restoration. They embed it in the patient’s jaw bone and these posts then, secure the restoration as a whole. ​

What is the cost of the dental bridge?

Generally, the cost of the dental bridge depends on the pontics or the artificial tooth. The cost will be less if the bridge comprises one pontics. Similarly, the use of more pontics to bridge the gap will increase your cost a little bit. On the other hand, there are some other factors, that decide the cost of the dental procedure such as— the material used, the fabrication process, additional treatment (if any), etc. ​

Consult the dentist expert today and get all the details about the cost of the dental bridge.

Why should you go ahead with the dental bridge?

Whatever be the problem, be it your skin problem, bones problem or a dental problem, the treatment on time is a must. Otherwise, it will put you in more problems. The treatment of dental bridges offers many benefits to the patient. Let’s discuss one by one​

  • Improvement in biting problems.
  • Prevent other teeth from moving.
  • Improvement in speech problem
  • Reduce the risk of teeth loss.
  • Reduce the risk of periodontal disease.
  • Support to the facial structure.

Take assistance from our experts and improve your oral problems at Care Dental Hospital.