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Dental Braces Treatment

Improve your teeth appearance by getting Dental Braces Treatment at Care Dental Hospital. Our expert team of Orthodontists is delivering its services to resolve your dental problems. Get in touch with us and take consultation regarding all your dental problems. Talking about dental braces, this basically helps in improving the appearance of the teeth. It can be said as a way to straighten the teeth.

Dental Braces

As is already said that the dental braces are the new way that can straighten your teeth and improving the way it looked like before. It helps in spreading the biting pressure evenly over all your teeth. The ultimate result is that your gums, teeth, and jaw-points will remain healthy.

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Why should you get Dental Braces Treatment?

You often have seen that there are some people who have crooked teeth or crowded teeth in their mouth. This makes their appearance somewhat less good. Furthermore, the jaw muscles also suffer from strain when the upper jaw teeth and the lower jaw teeth do not meet correctly. It will cause the jaw problems as well as joint problems along with headaches. But don’t worry. You can get assistance from our experts that will help you in avoiding such a situation.

If you have such teeth appear in your mouth, the Dental Braces is the solution for you. Our dentists will provide you the Dental Braces Treatment that will straighten your teeth and improve your teeth appearance. So, contact us and get back your teeth into line at Care Dental Hospital.

Types of Braces

Braces can be removal, fixed or functional depending upon the requirement of the patient. Let’s go through with these-

Removal Braces

It consists of a plate that you can be taken out in order to clean it. The delicate wires and springs are attached to it

Fixed Brace

The fixed brace comprises of bands and brackets. These bands and brackets are temporarily stuck to the teeth. There is a flexible wire that helps in jointing all the brackets and moving of teeth. It is actually fixed in your mouth and you can’t take it out by yourself.

Functional Brace

Using a functional brace helps in changing or improving the way the jaws grow in the mouth.

Some precautionary measures to take care of braces

Follow the important precautionary measures in order to take care of braces properly. Have a look below-

  • Always clean your teeth twice every day. But keep in mind that braces are delicate, so clean your teeth carefully.
  • Avoid unhealthy snacks and junk food. It will affect your teeth and braces.
  • Avoid biting of hard food. It will damage your braces.