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Root Canal Treatment

Get the best Root Canal treatment through modern dental equipment and advanced techniques at Care Dental Hospital

Experiencing problem in your teeth? Visit Care Dental Hospital. We are here to take care of your smile. Take advantage of our expert dentists who ensure quality in root canal treatment using the latest technologies. To ensure the quality in service and to provide more precise and better service, we offer root canals treatment keeping in mind proper care of the health of our patients.Now you do not have to fear and think much about tooth pain while treatment as our experienced and professional Endodontists ensure the painless root canal treatment using the latest and standard technologies. Root Canel treatment is necessary when your teeth get infected and there is a need to remove the dead pulp from your root canals. We offer the Root Canal treatment service in Care Dental Hospital at affordable rates. Don’t get bothered and let us help you in recovering your teeth health.​

About Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment refers to such type of dental treatment wherein the infectious teeth are treated by removing the dead pulp. Another name of root canal treatment is Endodontic Therapy. Firstly, the damaged area of tooth pulp is cleaned and then seal it after filling the new pulp.


Actually, when the bacteria start multiplying themselves in the pulp chamber when the nerve of teeth or pulp get damaged. This will lead to the infection in teeth. There are many causes for which you may need this root canal treatment. The causes may be a cracked tooth, cavity, much amount of sensitivity etc. If you don’t get treatment on time, the surrounding area of that particular tooth will also get infected.

General symptoms that indicate the need for root canal

How will you get to know whether you need the dental service of Root Canals or not? How will you understand dental problems in the root canal? Here are some of the general symptoms that act as an indicator of Root Canal treatment-


  • Tooth Pain
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Swollen gums
  • Injury in tooth
  • Tooth decay

Technologies we serve while treatment of root canals

To keep the pace with modern trends and high-tech era, we offer our dental services using the latest technology for more precise performance and results. We incorporate such modern technologies for root canal treatment that are designed specifically to solve your dental problems efficiently. Such technologies include Rotary Instrumentation, Endosonic Cleaning, Electronic Apex Locator, Laser disinfection a Dental operating microscope etc

What is the Root Canal Treatment Cost in India?

Generally, the cost of Root Canal Treatment depends on many factors. It may vary depending upon the kind of treatment you get. One of the major factors is the teeth that need to be repaired. If only one root requires treatment, the cost will be less, and if the number of roots is more than one, it will cost a little more.

Healthy tips after Root Canal Treatment

For quick recovery of your teeth health, it is necessary to take care of them properly. Take the following healthy tips and recover fast-

  • Avoid chewing of hard food. Otherwise, it will harm your root canals.
  • Do regular visits to your dentist for routine examination of teeth.
  • Start practicing a good oral hygiene.
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Further, floss your teeth regularly.

Don’t worry, We take care of your teeth

If you are experiencing certain teeth problems, you don’t need to worry about it. Visit Care Dental Hospital and forget all your dental problems. Our expert dentists will do the proper treatment of teeth so that you can smile again.