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Ultrasonic Scaling

To make up your teeth healthier, rather than just whitening or brightening, we are engaged in delivering Ultrasonic Scaling treatment at Care Dental Hospital. If you are experiencing periodontal disease or gum disease, then don’t worry. Visit at Care Dental Hospital. We have solutions for all your dental problems. Our Ultrasonic Scaling treatment will help you in getting rid of your periodontal disease. Do you know that after a thorough and regular cleansing of the tooth, you will get the brighter teeth. But sometimes, special cleaning is also necessary for the tooth in order to make gums more healthy.

Ultrasonic scaling

Often, there is a possibility that the plaque and stains build up on tooth surface over time. Then the dental calculus forms on both the above and below the gum line. The dental calculus is a harder deposit on the gum which is also known as tartar. The Ultrasonic scaling is the solution for this. Through the UltraSonic Scaling Treatment, the dentists perform the thorough cleaning of gum that removes these substances from the teeth. In this way, the gums become more healthy again. ​

How does it work?

An electromagnetic force is used to vibrate the tiny tip of the scaler. The vibrations occurs in the wand of machine. These vibrations assist in blasting all the plaque along with the calculus and stains from teeth. Then a small stream of water emerges near the tip of the scaler. It is also known as lavage. It helps in cooling the ultrasonic scaler tip. This stream of water then, removes the debris of that area where the treatment is going on.

How the Ultrasonic Scaling Treatment is helpful for you?

If you are experiencing the plaque or the tartar on your gum line, then it is the time to get Ultrasonic Treatment as soon as possible to avoid further gum problems. Furthermore, if you have the stains of cigarette or coffee on your teeth, then too, this treatment is much effective.

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